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Our Team


Laura Clift

Laura Clift









Laura is a junior at the University of Tennessee and she is majoring in Theatre. She loves to take acting classes, and is very interested in scenic painting. Her favorite part of Neverland & Company is the fact that it has the same environment as being in theatre. Everyone is working together to reach a common goal. She is an artist, and often sells artwork on her Etsy shop East Neverland Trading. She likes to be free to use her imagination, and loves to inspire creativity in children.

Rachel Clift










Rachel is a Theatre Major at the University of Tennessee and she is a junior this year. She is very interested in backstage work, but enjoy’s improving her skills in acting. Her dream is to travel the world with a show to various theatres around the globe, but for now she is content learning skills at UT and with Neverland & Company. Her love for these characters show in all that she does, and she loves to bring that joy to others.

Olivia Martin










Olivia is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee and is majoring in Animal Science. She has theatre experience from high school, and has studied acting and singing. She has traveled around Europe with an elite choir, and has many accomplishments in music. She has loved these fairy tales since she dreamed about being a princess as a little girl, and now she’s so thrilled that dream has come true.


Lauren Beeler




Lauren is a junior at the University of Tennessee and she is majoring in Speech Pathology. She has spent the past four summers volunteering at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, and her dream is to help children with disabilities. She is part of the Women’s Chorale at UT, and has theatre experience from high school. She loves to see kids’ eyes light up when they realize that they’re meeting their favorite character, and is very excited to be a part of Neverland & Company!






Sarah Hunter


Sarah is a junior at the University of Tennessee, and she is majoring in Accounting. She’s a quick thinker, problem solver, and always ready to take on a new challenge. Her childhood was full of singing and dancing to her own rhythm. She has theatre experience from high school, voice training, and was part of a local women’s choir for four years. Sarah loves to laugh and sing with new friends, and is happy to be part of Neverland & Company where we strive to bring joy wherever we go!







Terry Clift

Terry is Laura and Rachel’s mother, and she is their inspiration to follow their dreams. She supports everything they do, and helps to make sure everything is running smoothly in Neverland & Company. In short, this company would not exist without her knowledge, support, and hard work. Her daughters are so thankful for her encouragement and for always believing in them.

Additional Performers



DeeJay Hurst

Carley Chollman