Frequently Asked Questions

What is a princess party?

We come to your celebration dressed to the nines in gorgeous princess gowns and bring with us lively music, entertaining games, adorable crafts, and lots of fun for all ages. We strive to create a successful party atmosphere filled with fun and magic that will bring a smile to guests both young in age and young at heart.

Are you Disney Princesses? 

No. We are character performers who bring beloved fairytales to life. We are not affiliated with Disney, and we do not claim their name or characters.

What characters do you offer?

Currently we offer The Snow Queen, The Winter Princess, The Little Mermaid, Beauty, Cinderella, and The Arabian Princess. Please see our Characters page for more information.

How does the flow of your visit go? 

Each party is a unique experience, just as all children react differently to live entertainers. Our performer(s) and party assistant arrive at your venue 15-20 minutes early to make sure that you are ready for them to enter. (You are not charged for this time.) We will call the parent/party host to confirm readiness, and the party assistant will then enter with the princess(es), and a fun meet & greet is the first activity. This allows one-on-one time with the children to let the children ask questions and allow some time for the shy ones come out of their shell a bit. The bulk of the party depends on the package chosen, and we try to be sure that each activity smoothly transitions into the next. Although we work on a timeline, we try to be flexible to ensure maximum enjoyment and comfort with each activity. If necessary, we may need to improvise or modify an activity to facilitate this. In short, we go with the flow. We keep this in mind while building our packages, and this is why there is a recommended number of children at a party. By keeping our child to performer ratio low, it ensures that each guest feels like they had adequate time with our performers! It also keeps the party from feeling rushed. For more information on how our visits work, please send us an email at neverlandandcompany@gmail.com or send us a question using the form below!

How many children does the party include?

The recommended number of children is up to 15. This is due to time limitations and cost of supplies. See our Packages page for details about additional children.

What if I have boys invited to my party?

Please let us know if boys will be attending your party. Our parties are mainly designed for little princesses, but with prior notice we can provide games, crafts and other fun activities to accommodate little princes as well!

What kind of space do you need? 

We will strive to adapt our activities to any space you can provide. Enough floor space for games and dancing is ideal. Also, if your package includes a craft, a table will be needed to set up the supplies on. 

Can we have the party outside?

Yes, weather permitting. We will only allow our performers to perform if the temperature is above 55° in the winter or below 90º in the summer due to comfort and health concerns. If the temperature/ weather conditions exceed these limits, the party must be held inside.

Do you provide dress-up clothes?

Due to sanitary reasons, we do not provide dress up clothes. However, we do encourage all girls and boys to arrive in full royal attire! It makes the experience that much more fun and magical.

Do you have a party space? 

No. We come to you!

What is your service area?

We service the Knoxville area. Travel fees may apply to areas exceeding 20 miles from our location.  

When should the princess arrive to the party?

It works well to have the princess(es) arrive 15-30 minutes after your scheduled party start time. This allows time for late-comers to arrive and not miss anything as well as a chance for the children to settle before the princess(es) enter. Once our time limit of entertainment comes to a close, it is a nice transition to lead the children into food or cake. This provides a nice distraction for a easy exit after the princess(es) say farewell.

What happens if my performer is late?

We pride ourselves on punctuality, and we will do everything in our power to arrive at your celebration on time. Expect our performers to arrive at you event 15-20 minutes early. However, uncontrollable events caused by weather, traffic conditions, or car troubles have the possibility of occurring. In the unlikely event that your performer must make a late entrance to your celebration, our party assistant will immediately contact you with the issue and provide an updated arrival time. Your performers will do everything possible to stay for the full time purchased from their new arrival time. External factors beyond our control (car accidents etc.) which delay our performers for 30 minutes or less may not guarantee a refund and we appreciate our client’s understanding and cooperation in this matter!

When is payment due?

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking. After your quote is approved, you will be sent an invoice via PayPal to pay the 50% deposit. Terms of Service will be included with the invoice. Please read carefully before remittance of payment. Your 50% deposit represents your acceptance of the terms in the contract. The party will not be scheduled until the deposit and party contract is received. The remainder of the payment is due at the end of your event.

How do you collect payment?

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking your party. Our party assistant will provide an envelope for the client to place the remaining payment in. If needed, payment adjustments for extra guests or extra time will be updated by the party assistant on the invoice. The envelope is due back to the party assistant by the  end of the party. 

Do I tip my princess(es)?

Our performers are paid a flat rate through our company. If you feel that you would like to tip our performers for a job well done, please feel free to do so. Tips are not expected, but are always appreciated.

What is your cancellation or refund policy?

Cancellations made 7 full days prior to the scheduled celebration will result in a full refund of your 50% deposit.

Cancellations made between 4-7 prior to your event will result in a refund of your 50% deposit minus a $20 handling fee.

Cancellations made less than 4 full days prior to your scheduled celebration will result in forfeiting of your 50% deposit.

– Any amount you have paid above the required 50% deposit  is fully refundable at any time of cancellation. 

Still have a question? No problem! We are happy to answer any questions that you have. Please email us at neverlandandcompany@gmail.com and we will contact you as soon as possible!