Our Story

Our Story


Neverland & Company

Once Upon a Time…

Neverland & Company  was created with one sole purpose, to bring magic and joy into children’s lives.  This company began with a love for photography, art, and fairytales. Rachel Clift was inspired by fairytales in her photography, and found inspiration to start a company to bring these stories to life and share them in a fun way with our community. From there the idea turned into action. Rachel recruited the talents of her friend Olivia Martin, her sister Laura Clift, and her mother, Terry Clift. After six months of researching and planning they reached the point where they could turn their dream into a reality.

It’s so exciting that we can help make children’s dreams come true while fulfilling our own dreams simultaneously. We honestly love what we do, and strive to be the best version of ourselves possible. Our greatest values are family, friendship, and equal respect for all. Although we may only be portraying princesses, we believe in the values associated with princesses- trust, honor, and respect. We are so pleased to continue this journey and can’t wait to help this company grow over the years. And to you, dear reader, we are so thankful for your support. Keep dreaming and spread the magic!

-♥ The Neverland & Company Team